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WingMapper is result of years to research and efforts of MAS


WingMapper ability to carry out to collection and process spatial data, including design and flight management, Monitoring and evaluation images, design control points and processing and produced topographic maps, three-dimensional digital models and ortho photo finally.


Some of the advantages of WingMapper include:

  • WingMapper is needless of the runway and the possibility of throwing by hand or portable launchers.
  • The operation in difficult access and low altitude areas.
  • The advanced aerodynamic specification, high flight stability and operational capability in different environmental conditions.
  • Intelligent control of system status and automatic adjustment of sensors and sub-systems.
  • WingMapper ability of Spiral flight in order to increase or reduce the height within operating range.

  • The ability to define and change online in during flight operations.

  • The ability to record and send all information about the status and position of the system.

  • Synchronization system and navigation sensors with optical payload system.
  • Three-dimensional imaging capabilities time and place.

  • Equipped with software designing of flight Aerial Mapping with the ability to define optical payload specifications and with Digital Evaluation Model.

  • Equipped with a digital camera calibration software and determine the elements of exterior orientation.

  • Automatic data processing ability and production of digital topographic maps, digital models of dense, geo-referenced images and image mosaics.