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Citrus Pest Detection in Darab City


MAS help to support farmers in the efficient use of plant protection products, providing important data on the type of soil and protecting wildlife from death and determine the pest infestation of plants-even before the leaves wilt.

Our UAVs systems Equipped with several sensors and microcontrollers, NIR and multispectral cameras, GPS receivers and many more, allow you to determine how much sunlight the plants are absorbing and determine which plants are ready to be harvested and also monitor livestock and determine if they need more water, medical attention or if there is a hole in a pasture fence. 

In this project was used for Visual inspection and geometric measurement and 3D modeling of Citrus Pest detection from high resolution visible camera and was used from RotorMapper platform and Sony NEX-5T camera payload with focal length 35mm and resolution 4912 x 3264. Sensor Specifications and flight conditions is described in the following table:



The project was imaging in the history 06 November 2016 at Darab region. Darab is a city in and the capital of Darab County, Fars Province, Iran. Darab’s range of latitude and longitude is [28˚ 48' 12.3619"N, 28˚ 48' 1.8145" N], [54˚ 16' 13.8140"E, 54˚ 16' 20.1184"E] Respectively.







 In this project also was used for spectral inspection of Citrus Pest detection from multispectral camera optimized and was used from RotorMapper platform and MicaSense RedEdge™ camera. Sensor Specifications is described in the following table: