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Monitoring of Salt mines Garmasar


MAS is ideally placed to conduct your UAV mining surveys, having a team with years of experience in different aspects of the mining sector. With our thermal radiometric camera systems you can identify exactly where heat plumes are occurring and at what temperatures they are achieving. Our thermography surveys can place highly accurate information in the hands of the specialists at your site, the Georeferenced thermal orthomosaics we produce provide the required data that show exactly where remedial actions need to be directed.

The project was imaging at the history 23 April 2017 in Salt mines Garmsar.  Garmsar is a city in and the capital of Garmsar County, Semnan Province, Iran. Salt mines Garmsar latitude and longitude is 35˚ 10' 54.6481" N and 52˚ 9' 11.1754" E.



In this project was used from WingMapper platform and Sony Alpha 6000 camera payload with focal length 35mm and resolution 6000*4000. Sensor Specifications and flight conditions is described in the following table:




The point clouds and ortho-images: