Professional Aerial OIL & GAS Survey


The safety and security of all pipelines, regardless of their size, placement, or location, is of paramount importance to stakeholders and to the public. Proper maintenance of pipeline networks is also important for environmental protection.

For big energy players, it is tedious and costly to constantly monitor their infrastructure. This can be due to the vast size of energy sites (mining), the scale of the infrastructure (power lines, pipelines), or the challenging environment (offshore wind parks).

Our UAVs systems can be operated in extreme weather conditions and in geographically challenging locations without putting personnel at risk. Also can be follow a preprogrammed flight path, and fly closer to both the infrastructure and the ground. This allows for highly detailed flight plans, higher measurement accuracy, and increased repeatability.

Our UAVs systems allow you to measure and quantify oil spills, determine how the oil is moving in water and provide information and imagery to the command center.


Typical services and application include:

  • Asset, environmental & wildlife surveying
  • Oil spill detection
  • Oil spill damage assessment
  • Oil/Gas pipeline surveillance incident mapping
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • Coastline monitoring
  • Sea ice monitoring
  • Terrain mapping
  • Facility security
  • Flare tip inspections
  • Radio tower inspections
  • Corrosion detection
  • Structural integrity inspections
  • Crane inspections
  • Thermography leak detection
  • Rises
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Tank inspections
  • Jetty inspections