Professional Aerial Survey and Mapping


Safe, accurate and environmentally friendly survey and mapping operations for mining, industrial and government applications.

MAS have partnered to provide Iran Industry with a comprehensive aerial survey service specializing in the provision of high resolution survey and spatial solutions. Working as a seamless integrated team, masgie understands the need for reliable, timely survey data to enhance productivity or for determining precise geographical location. Remotely Piloted Aerial Surveys are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys & mapping. Whether it be simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets or more complex 3D modeling required, we will capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Using the latest in photogrammetric data capture, with 3D data capture capability aerial surveys with resolution of 1cm per pixel are readily achievable.

We deliver aerial survey products of the highest quality and we are confident that we are able to deliver results that are clearly differentiated in the marketplace. There are three key factors that enable us to make this claim:

    • We are aerial survey specialists with over 20 years photogrammetry experience and 8 years’ experience gathering survey data using UAV systems. We have been in the UAV business from the start and MPG were the first operator in Iran to be certified by CASA to operate commercial UAV’s


    • High quality aerial survey output starts with the use of high quality image sensors and optics. Our systems utilize full frame professional DSLR cameras with calibrated lenses. In addition to providing images of higher quality our full frame sensors allow for a larger swath per run reducing the number of passes required to cover the required area.


Comprehensive Aerial Survey Services:

  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Digital Orthomosaic photos
  • Video Mapping
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • 3D Modeling
  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Multi-spectral Imaging
  • Stockpile Calculations and Pit Volumes

The highly experienced team at MPG also provides post-processing support to independent operators, surveyors and larger projects requiring accurate surveys, mapping, volumetric calculations, terrain modeling or specialized data extraction. It couldn’t be easier to have accurate survey data at an affordable price.