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Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation


Very often archaeological sites are in remote and hard-reaching areas. New technologies are making this work easier and more comprehensive. Unmanned aerial vehicles are transforming our ability to document large structures and landscapes at extremely high resolution.

The loss of this cultural heritage has spurred to MAS Group to make 3D scans, architectural plans and detailed photographic records of heritage sites

Drones, frequently used for military purposes in inaccessible territories, are increasingly used for civilian purposes. MAS Group make use of UAV to speed up the survey works and protect the sites from squatters, builders and miners.

Our UAV systems allow you to get pictures and videos of the archaeological sites which enables us to produce digital maps and 3D models and through these data we you monitor the archaeological areas and discover walls, courtyards and the city framework, in order to individuate yet undiscovered. With this technology, you were able to do in a few days what had taken you years to do.