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Professional Survey Data Processing and Reporting


Prompt, accurate and reliable survey data processing and reporting.

Whether it be simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets or more complex 3D modeling required, we will capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We deliver aerial survey products of the highest quality and we are confident that we are able to deliver results that are clearly differentiated in the marketplace. We are able to place vectors, such as creeks, drains and other man-made features as well as eliminate ground clutter such as trees and structures/buildings to be able to place points on the ground and also QA the data being delivered. We do not use ray cloud software to generate Point Clouds and Orthomosaics. Whilst the end product of ray cloud systems can be satisfactory for some applications, precision survey requires the application of sound photogrammetry techniques. We exclusively use 3DM Analyst software which is recognized as the industry standard where precision is required.