Aerial Mining Survey and Monitoring


UAV mining surveys can be used to reduce the time spent calculating areas of stock pile, bench, pit, spoil, and various other metrics. If you’re involved in mining or quarrying, you’ll know the importance of safety.

MAS is ideally placed to conduct your UAV mining surveys, having a team with years of experience in different aspects of the mining sector. Aerial mapping and surveying services for mines and quarries allow you to boost productivity surveying projects that use to take days or weeks using traditional equipment can now take just hours.

With our thermal radiometric camera systems you can identify exactly where heat plumes are occurring and at what temperatures they are achieving. Our thermography surveys can place highly accurate information in the hands of the specialists at your site, the Georeferenced thermal orthomosaics we produce provide the required data that show exactly where remedial actions need to be directed.

Our UAV and camera system can highlight heat plumes from as small an area as 100mm on the ground with temperatures of up to 1000degrees C. No matter how small the size of the heat plume the smallest vent can be shown and given a priority level.

Each Image and Mosaic is attached to a detailed report and highly accurate information is able to be made available on site using GPS capable notebooks or tablets.


Some of their applications in mining include:

  • Geological reconnaissance
  • Exploration
  • Iteration mapping and target generation
  • Mine planning
  • Mine measurement/survey/dispute resolution
  • Mine development reports
  • Structural and terrain analysis
  • Hyper spectral analysis
  • Mine dump and tailings analysis