Aerial Thermography Services


Aerial thermography allows to get a comprehensively view of a wide area in a minimum time and cost. Several applications are directly related to the thermography like the buildings thermal diagnosis, the detection of water scarcity in agriculture, the temperature measurements used to monitor production lines and industrial facilities, locating people during search and rescue missions, monitoring areas after fires or other natural or industrial disaster, and many others.

With our thermal radiometric camera systems you can identify exactly where heat plumes are occurring and at what temperatures they are achieving. Our thermography surveys can place highly accurate information in the hands of the specialists at your site, the Georeferenced thermal orthomosaics we produce provide the required data that show exactly where remedial actions need to be directed.

Our UAV and camera system can highlight heat plumes from as small an area as 100mm on the ground with temperatures of up to 1000degrees C. No matter how small the size of the heat plume the smallest vent can be shown and given a priority level.

Each Image and Mosaic is attached to a detailed report and highly accurate information is able to be made available on site using GPS capable notebooks or tablets.


Comprehensive Aerial thermography and Monitoring Services ideal for the renovation and improvement of the energy performance of a building:

  • controlling energy losses
  • identifying thermal bridges
  • detecting defects or lack of insulation
  • targeting air leakage
  • identifying points of infiltration of water and the extent thereof on a roof terrace
  • detecting breaks in hot water pipes
  • identifying construction defaults
  • monitoring the drying of a structure
  • finding faults in the supply lines and the district heating network
  • identifying electrical problems